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the only necessary image of me

insomnia is worse in Texas.

insomnia is worse in Texas.

before and after i knew you.

a poorly crafted thing, free to a good home.

listen to QUARTERBACKS until you feel good again

a poorly crafted thing, free to a good home.

listen to QUARTERBACKS until you feel good again

a new song about a dreary place that i’ll probably still miss.

interesting things i found while boxing up my childhood home

1. a bracelet i made with Lisa Frank beads, between ages 5 and 7 
2. a cool lenticular sticker with my name spelled correctly
3. a memo pad with just a crayon drawing in it
4. a CD made for me by my first boyfriend, grade 9
5. my name tag from the church i attended before i decided i didn’t believe in god, ages 4-7
6. a picture of me in a costume for my dance class, before a traumatic event caused me to quit dance, age 9
7. a t-shirt my older sister purchased for me, given to me shortly before or after she decided to move away and live with her biological father, age 7 or 8


check out my new movie, ya’ll!

Spencer would be in my top 8 on MySpace but he was dumb enough to cast me in his final film of the year.

i am the most blue i have ever been.

i am the most blue i have ever been.

Drone Study

I had my thesis exhibition a couple of nights ago. I’m still not sleeping.


false hemlock – blue ridge (99 plays)

i usually write songs about trees and missing the northwest and how i kind of love the badlands and maybe i will die in the desert or on the side of the road someday. but then i wrote a song about a boy, and all this dumb banjo stuff is coming together. am i going to record a tape sometime soon? i don’t know, but here’s this, thank you, goodnight.

i am dumbfounded on a sea cliff, in an awkward place between midnight and dawn. the static behind my eyes is now more like a drone.

potential contributions to the body of work that will decide whether or not i win at college.

Minden Christmas time, the 20 year old light displays sit beneath the water tower and are bright enough to illuminate the quarter mile stretch of brick road that still remains downtown. The town is dry, the neighborhoods turn in early. Teenagers fire bottle rockets at each other in the fairground parking lot. On warm nights, young lovers drink on Sallie Baker’s grave in hopes of feeling something real.

false hemlock – I-80 (99 plays)

This is a rough recording of my newest song, I’m going to write a few more songs before I start recording for real, okay, see ya.